Friday, January 4, 2013

He Calls it the "Hop Flop"

So my son decides to hop around backwards (instead of getting in the shower like I asked him to). I just watched him for a few minutes laughing inside (because he must see my serious face -right?). It was the cutest thing. He even made a bunny rabbit face and put his hands together like a bunny rabbit. Of course, when a grown person does it, it's not so cute. In fact, I spent more time trying to avoid what may or may not be behind me that I barely hopped at all. But embarrassing as it is, this is a must do outside on the sidewalk where you know you won't bump into anything. My suggestion: About 50 hop flops should wear you out - at least it did for me. And don't forget your bunny hands (they help keep your breasts in place). LOL.

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