Tuesday, November 24, 2015

230 Jumps! I'm on a roll.

In four takes, I did 230 jumps with a jump rope. It was exhausting. I was attempting 200. After the first three takes, I only did 130 (22, 57, 51). I needed to do 70 more. However, I did 100! Exciting. The most I did in one go up to this point was 90. And given my slow start, I certainly didn't think I would do that many. But once I get my adrenaline going, I guess I could do more than I thought. I'm thinking that this is true for most things done when you think you can't do anymore. When things seem slow and impossible but you keep moving forward, things eventually get done.

I noticed another thing my son does a lot: Crawl on all fours. I thought he outgrew it but every morning, when it's time to get out of bed, he crawls to the bathroom. I'm going to have to try it one morning. It must burn something.

The other day, I tried walking like our pet lizard. I don't think I moved a foot. I couldn't get into position let alone move while in that position.

But it was sure hilarious trying and I heard laughing burns calories. There is an exercise/workout called Animal Flow, where the creator, Mike Fitch, incorporates animal movements in strength training and exercise. I would love to try a class. (workouts-gone-primal) This is right up my alley.

Monday, November 23, 2015

200 JUMPS!

Last night, I did 200 jumps with a jump rope. I'm very proud of myself. I've come a long way in a short time, especially starting out only able to do about 30 jumps before being extremely winded. It took me three goes. I did 60, 60 and 80. So with that new personal best, I can set a new goal - to do 200 jumps in two goes or, in other words, stopping only once to catch my breath.

I continued eating one junk-type food per day up until yesterday. I was craving like crazy and ended up eating two s'mores and potato chips. It actually started Saturday in which I had a cinnamon bun from CiCi's Pizza and then had two small ginger snap cookies later that day. So after church Sunday, remembering the bun and cookies, I passed on the cake and ice cream they offered to celebrate our 100th church anniversary. But then I had pizza for a rather late lunch in which I still felt hungry afterwards. And instead of fixing something substantial to eat or having some veges or fruit with the pizza, I ate the junk when I was hungry again. I didn't realize till much later that I was hungry because I hadn't had dinner.

So today, I'm writing so that I will get back on track from the weekend. And I already missed breakfast - ran out of cereal, oatmeal and apples at home (need to go grocery shopping). I realize the urge to over indulge is 10 times greater when I'm hungry so missing breakfast is the worse thing I can do. So, here's to a better rest of the week, starting now.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Jumping Rope

It has been quite a while. Not only did I slack in exercise, I also slacked in eating healthy. I have pigged out on cookies, ice cream, potato chips, pie, s'mores, candy and, most recently soda. I can't say what it was exactly that triggered my emotional binge but I know it was stress-related.

Over the last two years, I've gained 10 pounds. This doesn't sound so bad, but I already weighed 185 pounds. Now, I'm literally looking at 200 saying, "Oh, no!"

After having surgery last March, I didn't fully bounce back the way I wanted and I allowed life to take hold. One stress led to another then another and then another. And the pounds slowly crept up. Sad part is, I didn't care. Everything tasted so good and I always wanted more.

I recently started a creative project in which I create one Afro for a year. I call it Afros365. I've managed to continuously create Afros for 115 days. And I've stuck with it. Something I've always had a difficult time doing. Sticking with an art project and completing it. It has been an amazing journey so far. I have about 8 months left and my motivation to complete this to the end has not fizzled.

So I started thinking maybe I can apply this to other aspects of my life. My health in particular. And I plan to start small mainly because I want to eventually stick with it for life. So for 30 days, I'm jumping rope and limiting myself to one junk/sweet/salty food OR drink per day. I have no set time limit on how long I jump rope or how often. I just jump for as long as I can stand it. And I have no limit on the amount of calories of non-essential food I eat. So far, I've seem to be keeping it around 250 calories.

Today is day 4. So in the past 3 days: The most I've jumped was about 150 jumps for about 10 minutes. I know that isn't much for that amount of time (I took several breaks to catch my breath), but I'm looking to improve. The longest I jumped non-stop was 90 jumps. I usually jump the most in the first go at it then the number decreases each jump thereafter. As for "dessert," I had a slice of coconut pie and a serving of Lindy's Strawberry flavored Italian Ice. Not bad in that department. I didn't have any junk on Tuesday. I have craved it of course, but then I eat an apple instead. Twenty-six more days to go.

Why jump rope? My son was learning how to do it to earn points for one of his Cub Scout activities. I, of course, was trying to teach him so I started jumping with him. But I hadn't jumped rope in ages. And I soon realized how physically exerting it is. I did less than 30 jumps that first time and my heart felt like bursting out of my chest. So here's the perfect exercise, that costs nothing because we already have ropes, that gets my heart rate up and I can do it whenever. And best part, it's fun!