Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Back At It - Again!

What does a pack of Oreo Lemon Creme Cookies, a Snickers bar, two bottles of orange and cream soda, a bag of Utz BBQ chips and Utz Sour Cream and Onion chips have in common? They all went into my stomach last week - more than 2700 calories of non nutritious junk!

Luckily, I worked most of it off last week as well but I can't do that again. Between moving tons of boxes of books more than twice (tidyanddeclutter) and doing tons of chores in preparation for a dinner party (sweeping, dusting, disinfecting - we had a mouse, vacuuming, etc.), I certainly burned off most of those extra calories, if not all.

However, the kid thing that I did - which was more fun than I thought it would be - was joining my son for a session of Just Dance Kids. I worked up my heart rate pretty quickly and I definitely enjoyed having some fun with him. We will be doing this again and again.