Friday, December 28, 2012

Crawl On All Fours

In our hotel room, my son decided to crawl around on the floor back and forth. I kept fussing for him to get off of the floor and finish putting on his pajamas. Of course, I was ignored at first. I went to tell him again, but he was having so much fun, I decided to join him. He flew by me so fast, I thought I was in a Chucky movie. I couldn't keep up so I know if I did it for about 10 minutes, I would get a workout. I lasted about 30 seconds. But I'll try again once I finish my bag of blue raspberry cotton candy (because I have to work off these calories - and the butter pecan ice cream, chocolate cake and egg nog yogurt from earlier). What?! I'm on vacation. I know. It's no excuse to slack. Ok, don't bend my arm. I'll add 30 minutes of dancing and some push ups. Up next... jumping jacks.

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