Tuesday, November 24, 2015

230 Jumps! I'm on a roll.

In four takes, I did 230 jumps with a jump rope. It was exhausting. I was attempting 200. After the first three takes, I only did 130 (22, 57, 51). I needed to do 70 more. However, I did 100! Exciting. The most I did in one go up to this point was 90. And given my slow start, I certainly didn't think I would do that many. But once I get my adrenaline going, I guess I could do more than I thought. I'm thinking that this is true for most things done when you think you can't do anymore. When things seem slow and impossible but you keep moving forward, things eventually get done.

I noticed another thing my son does a lot: Crawl on all fours. I thought he outgrew it but every morning, when it's time to get out of bed, he crawls to the bathroom. I'm going to have to try it one morning. It must burn something.

The other day, I tried walking like our pet lizard. I don't think I moved a foot. I couldn't get into position let alone move while in that position.

But it was sure hilarious trying and I heard laughing burns calories. There is an exercise/workout called Animal Flow, where the creator, Mike Fitch, incorporates animal movements in strength training and exercise. I would love to try a class. (workouts-gone-primal) This is right up my alley.

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