Monday, November 23, 2015

200 JUMPS!

Last night, I did 200 jumps with a jump rope. I'm very proud of myself. I've come a long way in a short time, especially starting out only able to do about 30 jumps before being extremely winded. It took me three goes. I did 60, 60 and 80. So with that new personal best, I can set a new goal - to do 200 jumps in two goes or, in other words, stopping only once to catch my breath.

I continued eating one junk-type food per day up until yesterday. I was craving like crazy and ended up eating two s'mores and potato chips. It actually started Saturday in which I had a cinnamon bun from CiCi's Pizza and then had two small ginger snap cookies later that day. So after church Sunday, remembering the bun and cookies, I passed on the cake and ice cream they offered to celebrate our 100th church anniversary. But then I had pizza for a rather late lunch in which I still felt hungry afterwards. And instead of fixing something substantial to eat or having some veges or fruit with the pizza, I ate the junk when I was hungry again. I didn't realize till much later that I was hungry because I hadn't had dinner.

So today, I'm writing so that I will get back on track from the weekend. And I already missed breakfast - ran out of cereal, oatmeal and apples at home (need to go grocery shopping). I realize the urge to over indulge is 10 times greater when I'm hungry so missing breakfast is the worse thing I can do. So, here's to a better rest of the week, starting now.

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